I succeed in raising a family, an incel gets arrested, the Olympics are a bad joke, losing weight, losing Mama JF, and losing a fan.

Coming Home to Roost

Pigeons come home to roost, exploring film reviews, a cross-country roadtrip, far-right sneed squads, Ralph’s daughter is grounded, and they’re coming for your kids.

The End is Near

The Internet is mad at me, Chantal has a confession, Amberlynn and Becky formalize their bed death, and Yaniv loses a hotdog bit.

Steal This Stream

Chat revolts, McAfee probably killed himself, Vic Lasagna’s absolute defense, Misty goes mobile, Factorio gets reverse-cancelled, Sseth gets lost in the Cave of Qud, and a land of cotton.

Green is my Pepper

I accidentally make myself angry thinking about politics, a British man gets offended, and a weed addict tries to eat a hamburger.

Season 2! I guess. Frenemies breaks up, Dream is fat, Breaking Buck, and a man has a meltdown over a 20-year-old game for children.