Monkeys strike back, the dead Internet, Australia is mad at the Internet, Ken Ashcorp releases a song, and manmade horrors beyond your comprehension.

Diversity Calculator

New US flag drops, TerraLuna crashes crypto again, Blizzard turns diversity into a science, cops ask if you’re winning, Andy Dick joins IP2 and gets accused of ‘sa’.


Walls fall out as Roe v. Wade might get overturned, a furry is 5 weeks clean, Judge Alito ratios Keffals, Fuentes wants to burn witches.

Allergy Season

I have allergies, MOSCOW, I don’t trust South Africans, Torba copes about Elon Musk, some lore discussion and catch-up with the usuals.

Nick Fuentes v. Jim Metokur

Manlet authoritarian Nick Fuentes challenges Internet cool guy Jim Metokur to a debate to see who is more irony poisoned and above it all. For some reason, I woke up at like 3am to watch this.

Lolcow Uprising

DSP has ants, Peetz is upset (but not at that stupid bill), Coach gets abducted, and Nick Fuentes gets thumbed.

Ambulance ASMR

I go on a trip and come home to install Windows. Sligo is diverse, Elon Musk should hire me, H3H3 makes Hila cringe, Flamenco buys me a coffee, and I fill some dead air with dating profiles and ambulance sirens.

Ralph Wins!

During this Ramadan, reddit declares fatwa on a cat, Tomlinson brings a stalker to Milwaukee Sharia court, Ralph goes to a bowling alley and jihads Flamenco, and Chantal wants to behead those who put relish on burgers.

Double Jeopardy legally threatens the site and I go over what brought down the forum on April Fool’s. I then read Ralph and Alice texts for 2 hours to vibe.


Keffals tries to ratio the forum, Peetz becomes Internet Famous, we honor a BIPOC, Alice accuses Ralph of surprising her in Las Vegas, and the forum is struck down.