*dog whimper sound*

Wings of Redemption just wanted to have a good stream – have a good time, Keffals just wanted to have a good stream – have a good time, Squizxy lives by the sword and dies by the sword, the Vickers-Ralph Pact crumbles, and remembering Terry Davis with cool indie video games.

Rules of Nature

Ethan Reklein, WingsOfRedemption’s fabric softener, Archie followup, Tim Locksneed, and the simp uprising against a bunny rabbit in a fox costume.

Sigma Rule #180

Following up on stories from the past weeks, Patrick’s police problems, Ralph’s continued baby mama drama, Sam Hyde’s gambit.

Handbook of Hate Memes

The European Union, in collaboration with a suspicious Machine Learning company, puts out a strange reference book to ‘hate memes’ – a loosely defined collection of various images that are purportedly dehumanizing.

Paragon of Furry Virtue

Quadball, skeleton beach trips, furry picnics, Jim talks to PPP, Ralph does stuff, Keffals comments on my Starcraft career, Didi stole Chantal’s man and reaps the rewards.

Zoomier Zoomers

Games of the future, everyone hates Flamenco, the great gunt hunt, Nick Fuentes and Hunter Biden, Godwinson and PPP, Keffals talks to a real woman, and a plural system attempts to kill themselves.


Canada’s finest t-girl communist dabbles in findom only to discove the real paypigs are troubled teen boys on Twitch.


The USSC lays down the law by overturning the law, a giant demon leads a pride parade, Canada almost wins at something, and updates on the usual suspects.