Charity Goblins

Linus gets hijacked, reddit crashes thanks to wokeness /s, Trump calls on a bunch of political prisoners to help him, the banks collapse (I would why?), the Sharty Victory, dating profiles, and a very special Charity Goblin.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day and TAD! The long arm of Florida boomer justice, Jordan Peenerson’s twitter troubles, Ethan Klein’s system test, 365 days a man in a dress, Pamperchu’s Telegram chats, Chantal the Hut, Ralph files pro se, and the DarksydePhil interview on SideScrollers.

Dot Lol

Carrying water for monkeys, Pyramid head is literally me, Destiny’s debate strategies, Chudbuds gets hacked, Ralph slams bars and dispenses justice, and I reach out with love in my heart for my fellow man.


Scott Adams wants to move away from Honey Boo Boo’s boyfriend, the TTD battlefield encroaches on Kentucky and Japan, and Amanda Ralph of the #Neighstream.

A Day to Remember

February 24th is apparently an anniversary for many important events, so those of us without wet brains gather round to enjoy.

The Under 800,000 Subscriber Special

Jim Sterling celebrates another stunning and brave milestone of 799,000 subscribers – capping off a precipitous decline in engagement, viewership, and subscribers that started the very day he publicly came out as non-binary! Or so he claims.