An incel in arrested development from 2007 transports himself into the future and into the horrifying realities of IRL streaming.

Do Libertarians have Souls?

DarkSydePhil loses his money, Yaniv’s family gets into trouble, a Polish person is defamed as being Polish, Twitter drama, and a battle for my very soul.

Harlots for Hezbollah

Boogie gets arrested, Jim Sterling gets salty, Momokun pledges her allegiance to Hezbollah and Hamas, and Israel puts on a fireworks show.

Gibes & the Ranch

TransSalamander is an audacious transwomyn who joined a group of her peers to raise Alpacas and fight fascism out in Colorado.

Arabian Nights

Jeffree Star takes a tumble, seasonal allergies, EDP445 preys upon predators preying upon predators, DSP negotiates from a position of weakness, ASS NAPKINS, and Chantal does coke.

He’s a Pedophile

Virgo returns, IP2 streamer has fun in New York City, Nostalgia Chick uncancels herself with boredom, YMS doesn’t care about female athletes, and LA doesn’t understand satire.


The only good Englishman dies, streaming woes, DMCA woes, Internet hoes, subpoena woes, Vinesauce drama, and some cooking.