Little Dark Age

The world returns to its normal ethical and moral political stagnation, so I delve into some more mainstream e-drama to cope. June gets spit on, Corpse Husband invents grumble rap, Chantal is fat, Peetz is writing xman surprise sex fanfics, and an intro to Frenemies.

Party Crashing

Kiwi Farms takes a tumble, party crashing Trovo, Baked Alaska fakes his death, Chantal complicates eating a tin of icing.


Trump consneeds. An impromptu stream done a day after the Storming of Capitol Hill, so that political talk would not bleed into the Friday stream which already had enough going on.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. Saggy gets scuffed, Chantal gets beetus, Apollo Legend chop sueys, a meth ho gets evicted, speedrunners suck, and a brief word about future plans for the site.

Comptroller of Gunt

Something no one has heard of before (the Comptroller of Currency) is the MVP in the US Government right now. Ralph takes the L. Jim Sterling takes the HRT. New illness called Florian syndrome causes arson. Bob McKim preaches the virtues of metal rooves.

Unlawful Discharge of Gas

Baked Alaska gets arrested for spraying some dude in the face, Ralph’s baby momma drama, a game by Poolish people comes out, and my favorite fats die slowly.


Raining on your Macy’s Day Parade, how to appeal your ban in a video game, Amberlynn gets canceled (not really), a long-shot theory, and Capcom DMCAs some pretty internal documents.