Vexatious lawsuits, DSP, anime reviews, and dickgurl drama. Intro: Main 1 – Dota 2 OST Outro: Boys Will Be Girls – Francis Aaron


Nader dances, silver gets lost, Bashur dies, Hila and May have an existential crisis, Ralph disagrees, and PPP breaks up.

The Fungus Among Us

Empty nest syndrome, Japanese paperwork, 24oz of plain beef, the fungus amogus, and the American cattle dilemma.


Kitty history, Chantal’s epic challenge, and Ralph’s issues compound on themselves.


OnlyFans goes PG-13, a pig impregnates a horse, and some dating profile reviews.


I succeed in raising a family, an incel gets arrested, the Olympics are a bad joke, losing weight, losing Mama JF, and losing a fan.