Silver Ratio

Pengo, writing an article, Jewel has a baby, Ralph has a baby, Narcissa gets banned from Twitch, Destiny gets banned from Twitch, Laura Southern gets ratio’d, Redemption of Peetz, and Tomlinson doesn’t get a restraining order against his stalker, stalker.

Final Moments

Lowtax’s mom dies, Drachenlord’s house dies, Nicocado’s neighbor dies, and Dave Rubin creates life rectally.

Karen Invasion

Court updates, Karens strike a blow at Chantal, “suspected pedophile influencer” gets slayed by a kween, and Russia’s little i интернет.


The specific political distinction to which political actions and motives can be reduced is that between friend and enemy.

How to Burn a Bridge

iDubbbz releases a documentary, Ralph runs out of bridges to burn, and a philosopher elucidates his opinions on race relations.

From CPAP to Portugal

Your Internet daddy sucks, Ralph goes to Portugal, Fuentes gets subpoenaed, Spectre’s royal we gets someone in trouble, H3 gets remixed, Chantal premieres her season finale with Nader, Peetz shows an emotion, and Patrick Tomlinson loses – child!

Bad Financial Decisions

I lose a box of silver, Pokimane loses 2 days of simp bucks, BBC gets protested, Sam Hyde loses fifteen grand making a documentary, Baked Alaska loses his case, Logan Paul loses three-and-a-half million dollars on Pokemon cards, Warski picks a fight with a man who has never lost in his life, and Kay forgets the cheese.