Beyond Parody

The socio-economics of students playing Switch games at school, standing ovations and manslaughter, Jim Sterling’s new heights, F1nnst3r’s ketamine adventure, girl talks at Cambridge, charity fraud, charity fraud (more of it), Dream and Juliet, melting down at Panera bread, and reddit’s take on the P+.


Carbrains strike back, Amos Yee goes back to prison, man confused by lesbians, man cries in mascot outfit, and Anisa’s $18,000 butternsake tattoo.

Nashy Pooner Tranifesto

A billionaire’s true love, the nashy pooner tranifesto gets released (change my mind), Bubba’s secret life, measuring the cost of a taco, quitting a company you built, Ethan Klein strikes back, and a gay cowboy’s escapades.


Cogent and Equinix PL force Hosteam to censor the Kiwi Farms, masculine hyperviolence in Austria, redefining ovaries and Carrie, LordKat leaves us, Nick’s final defense, Bossmanjack’s night of mousetraps.

Become Unhinged

A man sues a friend for defamation, how to get your way in a world of digital marketing, Ontario PD confirms: no one hurt Keffals, YMS doesn’t chew, and Bossman’s big climb.

Indigenous Voices

An investigation into Aboriginal Australian life, Disney’s new art direction, a wholesome trap and his friends, CWC is back to streaming, Ethan Klein sees the thing, JF’s how-to, the Skelemtin Queen, Rekieta thinks men are gay, and Greer WINS!

Techno Jihad

Techo Jihad begins and the world is ending! But first, would you like to buy a shirt? A war, reddit bots, a discord mod’s McDonalds order, excommunicado from the cult of trans, Keffals gets cancelled three ways at once, CWC’s cabbage patch doll, Riley’s charge, Rekieta’s highscore, and losing $100 a minute while listening to BLP Kosher.

Pommes de terre frites

German-American friendship day, I fail to stream, getting shot is just a prank, getting shot is activism, designated women streets, white mosquitos, grand theft country club, Hasan’s take on the Taiwan status quo gets his friends in trouble, and a special feature on J. F. Gariepy.