Monkeys strike back, the dead Internet, Australia is mad at the Internet, Ken Ashcorp releases a song, and manmade horrors beyond your comprehension.

Diversity Calculator

New US flag drops, TerraLuna crashes crypto again, Blizzard turns diversity into a science, cops ask if you’re winning, Andy Dick joins IP2 and gets accused of ‘sa’.


Walls fall out as Roe v. Wade might get overturned, a furry is 5 weeks clean, Judge Alito ratios Keffals, Fuentes wants to burn witches.

Allergy Season

I have allergies, MOSCOW, I don’t trust South Africans, Torba copes about Elon Musk, some lore discussion and catch-up with the usuals.

Lolcow Uprising

DSP has ants, Peetz is upset (but not at that stupid bill), Coach gets abducted, and Nick Fuentes gets thumbed.

Ambulance ASMR

I go on a trip and come home to install Windows. Sligo is diverse, Elon Musk should hire me, H3H3 makes Hila cringe, Flamenco buys me a coffee, and I fill some dead air with dating profiles and ambulance sirens.

Ralph Wins!

During this Ramadan, reddit declares fatwa on a cat, Tomlinson brings a stalker to Milwaukee Sharia court, Ralph goes to a bowling alley and jihads Flamenco, and Chantal wants to behead those who put relish on burgers.

Double Jeopardy legally threatens the site and I go over what brought down the forum on April Fool’s. I then read Ralph and Alice texts for 2 hours to vibe.


Keffals tries to ratio the forum, Peetz becomes Internet Famous, we honor a BIPOC, Alice accuses Ralph of surprising her in Las Vegas, and the forum is struck down.

Silver Ratio

Pengo, writing an article, Jewel has a baby, Ralph has a baby, Narcissa gets banned from Twitch, Destiny gets banned from Twitch, Laura Southern gets ratio’d, Redemption of Peetz, and Tomlinson doesn’t get a restraining order against his stalker, stalker.