Incel Pipelines

J. K. Rowling meets the natives, Fuentes struggles to be straight, Xander strikes back, Boogie’s heritage, Chris calls, and Linux trolls me.


A week where nothing happened because everyone was busy watching the Rittenhouse trial, so we just complain about the coins and make fun of Ralph. Surprise ending.

Death & Taxes

See Kyle! Special 150 minute long stream covering Lowtax’s passing, Shadman’s arrest, the Rittenhouse trial, and much more.

Belarusian Fries

We love our judges, reddit doesn’t love me, Twitter doesn’t love Jim Sterling, Baked doesn’t love cardboard, Ralph really doesn’t love me, sometimes random people don’t love you, and Jim (not that one) loves Ralph.

One Million Vitos

Drachenlord gets arrested, Dick and Vito go to a protest, May leaks texts, Peetz’s Tinder, and who is Mersh?

Soviet Janny Republik

A trip to the Pridnestrovia, a call with Pamela Swain, the 4.55 million dollar question, a letter from Jesús Christine, and Peetz becomes the GF.


Vexatious lawsuits, DSP, anime reviews, and dickgurl drama. Intro: Main 1 – Dota 2 OST Outro: Boys Will Be Girls – Francis Aaron