From CPAP to Portugal

Your Internet daddy sucks, Ralph goes to Portugal, Fuentes gets subpoenaed, Spectre’s royal we gets someone in trouble, H3 gets remixed, Chantal premieres her season finale with Nader, Peetz shows an emotion, and Patrick Tomlinson loses – child!

Bad Financial Decisions

I lose a box of silver, Pokimane loses 2 days of simp bucks, BBC gets protested, Sam Hyde loses fifteen grand making a documentary, Baked Alaska loses his case, Logan Paul loses three-and-a-half million dollars on Pokemon cards, Warski picks a fight with a man who has never lost in his life, and Kay forgets the cheese.

No Contest

Tim Pool’s doormat doesn’t work, Chantal gets a nice postcard, and Ralph wins again.


I stress out, a world without politics, Ralph is going to court again, pixel platforming as God intended, and I mumble to myself for two hours.


This stream has nothing to do with Finland. After a week of absolutely nothing happening and deciding not to eat on the same day I stream, I spend two hours yelling at chat.

Loicense to Sneed

December rolls in, the English conspire to take my loicense, a great undertaking begins, ACAF, I get possessed by a demon, and Ralph gets rejected by a woman who poos herself. Intro: The Only Thing They Fear is You – Doom OST Outro: (Vessel – Molchat Doma)

Incel Pipelines

J. K. Rowling meets the natives, Fuentes struggles to be straight, Xander strikes back, Boogie’s heritage, Chris calls, and Linux trolls me.


A week where nothing happened because everyone was busy watching the Rittenhouse trial, so we just complain about the coins and make fun of Ralph. Surprise ending.

Death & Taxes

See Kyle! Special 150 minute long stream covering Lowtax’s passing, Shadman’s arrest, the Rittenhouse trial, and much more.

Belarusian Fries

We love our judges, reddit doesn’t love me, Twitter doesn’t love Jim Sterling, Baked doesn’t love cardboard, Ralph really doesn’t love me, sometimes random people don’t love you, and Jim (not that one) loves Ralph.