I get banned from X and blow off some steam by going to a foreign country to acquire a Starlink, so now I can update the podcast feed. Dax Herrera’s producer Riley gets arrested for stalking, his mentally handicapped girlfriend needs help, and then Gator’s anime girlfriend does a tier list.

Rainbow Road

F1nn5ter and the Rainbow Road, 20 years since Killdozer, pedos and V, Alex Jones claims his government appointed Chief Bankruptcy Officer is trying to liquidate his company, Fatrick’s chairs are given away, and Gator visits an anime.

A Conversation with Channing Creager

Channing Creager has been behind a 5-year campaign to have Sam Hyde labeled a pedophile, focusing on spreading image macros and rumors about him on 4chan and many smaller imageboards, as well as forums. After joining the Kiwi Farms, it was suggested we discuss the facts together to help inform listeners. Is Sam Hyde a predator, or is Channing Creager crazy?

You’re Retarded, I Love You

The war against advertisers marches on, Ben Shapiro brings his homeland’s brand of humor to grift the new gender realism market, Chris-Chan invites Nick DeOrio to the Fat Retard Podcast, and a man explains for 25 minutes how he wants to give me a blowjob.


A world ran by the Turkey Empire, Cloudflare begins to erode, the Somali Troubles, the feds succeed where Illinois fails, the first female emperor of Rome, May may be back, Andy Dick gets impaled on bamboo, and a hunger for the bottle.

Slapboxed in front of the Hoes

I find new people to anger, the Fortnite to Anime Recruiter pipeline, wishing for the total destruction of Alphabet Inc, pooner rap, Jim Sterling tortures Yahtzee, woman sells cookies to broke boys, iDubbbz wants you to feel seen, Dream gets slapboxed in front of the hoes by a cartoon character, and Alphacore makes a million dollars.

The Actual Truth

Elon says the actual truth, video games and the rainbow, TikTok reads a manifesto, murdering the Willussy, male-bodied endometriosis, puFF, and teaching the inner cities.