Bully XXXL

Britain plans a bloodbath but quickly cancels because it would be too funny, a man wonders why he girlfriend doesn’t want him to spit on her, BossmanJack is getting out of his mom’s house, Rekieta ponders the age of consent for some reason, and there is a man on the Internet.

Judy Tester

Sacramento citizens have their voices heard, a dog-man enlightens us on what it truly means to be furry, and cilantro sucks.

Treason, Unity, Trinity

Elon Musk commits treason against one of his countries, Unity commits treason against its developers, Hiroshima Nagasaki (and then they all clapped), the block trinity, KingCobraJFS owns the haters, Maddox does ok, and the Big Black Friend.

Polish Contacts

Getting it done, all the King’s men, regulating social media to beat Chyna, I suffer cognitive dissonance, helping women be fathers, Patrick’s investigative journalism pays off, the Blackpilled Joker wants to get hard and wet, Chantal brings the fire, and Ralph explains his domestic.

Books are Such a Human Thing

All stars, the Washington Post publishes an exposé, Halloween art submissions, Fredrick Knudsen releases his next blockbuster, r/actuallesbians, the Umbrella Man, Drexel’s emergency retreat.

Goodbye Horse

ICANN pozloads .NET, Dylan’s Curse, Keffals lost the ratio, KFC Mukbangs, Sam Hyde’s Fishtank Week 2, Ralph’s W and Ralph’s L.

The Cat, the Snake, and the Roach

MISOPHONIA WARNING: I have allergies and sniffle in this.
The fallout of Ali Alexander and the America First civil war, some news articles debating the Final Solution to the Free Speech Problem, Twitter permits deadnaming, and Ralph doesn’t fear the reaper.


Getting back to normal, coming back to the Fediverse, Rust’s thick and strong CoC, Burgers?, continuation of Chris Tyson, the kingsnakes, and May’s pickme card.


A classic American tragedy with a new twist spurs the dreaded Pooner to wider awareness.