Canada’s finest t-girl communist dabbles in findom only to discove the real paypigs are troubled teen boys on Twitch.


The USSC lays down the law by overturning the law, a giant demon leads a pride parade, Canada almost wins at something, and updates on the usual suspects.

Heat Waves

The usual suspects were asleep this week, so in an unusually informal stream I cover odds and ends and regale chat with harrowing real-world tales of running a forum.

The Big P

Take your Vitamin D, don’t get banned from YouTube, be careful what Steam groups you join, how to know if you’re a big P, Tim Pool’s Tactical Nuke, and an update on the Tranch.

Discord Pride

I spend 2 weeks building a sluice gate, coming out as Ukraine-fluid, Rekieta starts GamerGate 2, Ethan Klein tries to be more like Sam Hyde, and Ralph (fat).


Monkeys strike back, the dead Internet, Australia is mad at the Internet, Ken Ashcorp releases a song, and manmade horrors beyond your comprehension.

Diversity Calculator

New US flag drops, TerraLuna crashes crypto again, Blizzard turns diversity into a science, cops ask if you’re winning, Andy Dick joins IP2 and gets accused of ‘sa’.


Walls fall out as Roe v. Wade might get overturned, a furry is 5 weeks clean, Judge Alito ratios Keffals, Fuentes wants to burn witches.

Allergy Season

I have allergies, MOSCOW, I don’t trust South Africans, Torba copes about Elon Musk, some lore discussion and catch-up with the usuals.