A Couple Questions

MotherJones’s questions, You will never be a wizard, the Unicorp, Jim’s potatoes, Baked’s sentence, Dylan’s face, PaulyFrog’s FBI visit, Ralph’s wedding, and Peetz’s cat.

An Old Dog’s New Tricks

Returning from Christmas break, wisdom for the young streamers, and Auld Lang Syne. Intro: Rocket Man – William Shatnerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQnmLT1KbQo Chinese Rap: Complicated. The famous remix of Chinese Rap can be found here. It is a sample of unknown origin from an obscure song called If You Feel my Love by a small Romanian pop banned… Continue reading An Old Dog’s New Tricks

2022 Retrospect

The last MATI of 2022! This year in review, we look at: the USA, Ukraine, Chantal, Peetz, Keffals, LifeByJen, Trisha Paytas, Kino Casino, Mister Metokur, Ethan Ralph, and more.


China learns to go fast, pup play in nuclear waste, Balenciaga’s photo shoots, Ralph’s chair, Patrick Tomlinson has fun on Twitter, Nick Fuentes’s take on sex with women being gay goes national, Kanye talks about Jews.

Hollandaise and Turkey Pizza

I enjoy a Thanksgiving Day pizza and pie, NBC journalist hack Ben Collins blames a non-binary shooter on a webforum, traumatized Twitter censors take to the media, and Nick Fuentes is seen with Kanye West having dinner with Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopolis.