The Under 800,000 Subscriber Special

Jim Sterling celebrates another stunning and brave milestone of 799,000 subscribers – capping off a precipitous decline in engagement, viewership, and subscribers that started the very day he publicly came out as non-binary! Or so he claims.

Handbook of Hate Memes

The European Union, in collaboration with a suspicious Machine Learning company, puts out a strange reference book to ‘hate memes’ – a loosely defined collection of various images that are purportedly dehumanizing.


Trump consneeds. An impromptu stream done a day after the Storming of Capitol Hill, so that political talk would not bleed into the Friday stream which already had enough going on.

The Corn Harvest

Ade on Ethan Ralph’s Revenge Porn. ft. Ethan’s ex Ade, her friend Shanon, Josh, PPP, Kraut, Wild Smile, with appearances from King of /pol/ and Mundane Matt. Originally aired on PPP’s Dlive channel on August 11th, 2020.

Midnight Mad (March 9th and 11th)

I did two streams on March 9th and March 11th, 2020 which I will not be uploading to the podcast feed. To prevent a total loss, I will be uploading it here for my local newprojecttwotrons.

Art Stream

A cursory glance into some recent happenings. No overarching theme, a lot of stories and meandering.