Indigenous Voices

An investigation into Aboriginal Australian life, Disney’s new art direction, a wholesome trap and his friends, CWC is back to streaming, Ethan Klein sees the thing, JF’s how-to, the Skelemtin Queen, Rekieta thinks men are gay, and Greer WINS!

Techno Jihad

Techo Jihad begins and the world is ending! But first, would you like to buy a shirt? A war, reddit bots, a discord mod’s McDonalds order, excommunicado from the cult of trans, Keffals gets cancelled three ways at once, CWC’s cabbage patch doll, Riley’s charge, Rekieta’s highscore, and losing $100 a minute while listening to BLP Kosher.

Pommes de terre frites

German-American friendship day, I fail to stream, getting shot is just a prank, getting shot is activism, designated women streets, white mosquitos, grand theft country club, Hasan’s take on the Taiwan status quo gets his friends in trouble, and a special feature on J. F. Gariepy.

Extra Beef

IP1’s poo incident, 30-year-old redditor gets trolled by a 14-year-old black girl, BossmanJack’s science experiment, iDubbbz and Anisa have a spicy date, Keffals’s gets cancelled again, Dick and Vito discuss their fun in LA, and Rekieta compares street cred with Eric July.

Harvest Moon

A harvest moon resurgence, debanking Alex Jones, Cloudflare’s favorite mass shooting site, Destiny regrets his life choices, join the ACK, free iPhones, public schools, GamerGate’s 10 year continuation, the Goblin beats his trolls, and Rekieta’s snake on Eric July.

Bully XXXL

Britain plans a bloodbath but quickly cancels because it would be too funny, a man wonders why he girlfriend doesn’t want him to spit on her, BossmanJack is getting out of his mom’s house, Rekieta ponders the age of consent for some reason, and there is a man on the Internet.

Judy Tester

Sacramento citizens have their voices heard, a dog-man enlightens us on what it truly means to be furry, and cilantro sucks.

Treason, Unity, Trinity

Elon Musk commits treason against one of his countries, Unity commits treason against its developers, Hiroshima Nagasaki (and then they all clapped), the block trinity, KingCobraJFS owns the haters, Maddox does ok, and the Big Black Friend.

Polish Contacts

Getting it done, all the King’s men, regulating social media to beat Chyna, I suffer cognitive dissonance, helping women be fathers, Patrick’s investigative journalism pays off, the Blackpilled Joker wants to get hard and wet, Chantal brings the fire, and Ralph explains his domestic.

Books are Such a Human Thing

All stars, the Washington Post publishes an exposé, Halloween art submissions, Fredrick Knudsen releases his next blockbuster, r/actuallesbians, the Umbrella Man, Drexel’s emergency retreat.