The only good Englishman dies, streaming woes, DMCA woes, Internet hoes, subpoena woes, Vinesauce drama, and some cooking.

Night of Long Dilators

I CAN’T SNEED, winding down on the silver mint, getting a loan, Milo grifts, GroomGrumps accusations, a powerful janny goes one sweep too far, OnlyFats streaming contest, and some closing remarks about IP2.

One of the Good Ones

Centralized services pay protection money, looking at Odysee, DSP bullies a janny, a Milwaukee TP+ advocate gets creamed, Lilith Lovett is one of the good ones, Dankula has a daughter, and Chantal makes a difficult choice.


We finna melt snow, talk about bombing Syrian children, win lawsuits, assign diaperfurs their cell, and leave the US.

God F’n Sneed

A return to normal, the Fuentes question, Razorfist shows off his based mestiza mommy, OnlyFats, and we #FindSai.

Year of the Cow

An extended edition MATI episode in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Gropyer glow ops, Ralph designs a shirt, Fallout: The Frontier drama, Chantal’s surprise, Nikocado makes me laugh for the first time, Shawty makes a black guy pay the toll.

Tendies and Wigs

The Big Short Squeeze, GamerGate 2.0, Shoe0nhead gets Kingfished, Jim Sterling becomes an NB Kween, and Chantal eats intuitively.