Books are Such a Human Thing

All stars, the Washington Post publishes an exposĂ©, Halloween art submissions, Fredrick Knudsen releases his next blockbuster, r/actuallesbians, the Umbrella Man, Drexel’s emergency retreat.

Fence Sitting and Bridge Burning

UK criminalizes books, EFF tries to ride the whole fence, Blizzard’s community manager manages their community, how to ride a bike when you have a prostate, metaphorical threats, cupcakes, Rekieta’s shower talks, Ralph’s wagon, and Ralph and Jim do a poetry contest.

Goodbye Horse

ICANN pozloads .NET, Dylan’s Curse, Keffals lost the ratio, KFC Mukbangs, Sam Hyde’s Fishtank Week 2, Ralph’s W and Ralph’s L.

The Cat, the Snake, and the Roach

MISOPHONIA WARNING: I have allergies and sniffle in this.
The fallout of Ali Alexander and the America First civil war, some news articles debating the Final Solution to the Free Speech Problem, Twitter permits deadnaming, and Ralph doesn’t fear the reaper.


Getting back to normal, coming back to the Fediverse, Rust’s thick and strong CoC, Burgers?, continuation of Chris Tyson, the kingsnakes, and May’s pickme card.


A classic American tragedy with a new twist spurs the dreaded Pooner to wider awareness.

Charity Goblins

Linus gets hijacked, reddit crashes thanks to wokeness /s, Trump calls on a bunch of political prisoners to help him, the banks collapse (I would why?), the Sharty Victory, dating profiles, and a very special Charity Goblin.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day and TAD! The long arm of Florida boomer justice, Jordan Peenerson’s twitter troubles, Ethan Klein’s system test, 365 days a man in a dress, Pamperchu’s Telegram chats, Chantal the Hut, Ralph files pro se, and the DarksydePhil interview on SideScrollers.

Dot Lol

Carrying water for monkeys, Pyramid head is literally me, Destiny’s debate strategies, Chudbuds gets hacked, Ralph slams bars and dispenses justice, and I reach out with love in my heart for my fellow man.