Small Defiances

8chan is dead, a ghost of IRL livestreaming haunts my psyche, a game developer states a fact, and a man gets a inmate kippah.


Google wins a lawsuit, Israeli elections, Greta takes over the world, Trump gets peach’d, Alex Jones files a lawsuit, Scott Adams threatens to file a lawsuit, MundaneMatt is not the father, and I get a shoutout.


A week after the hack, /pol/ underestimates the Chinese, RMS is gone, Amberlynn eats a chicken, Virgo eats raw scallops

France, FBI, Forensics, and F

Sleeping Frogs, Maddox lets me down, TYT talks to Brianna Wu, Goku has choice words for Gohan, Verizon respects my webzone, Lowtax shouts us out, an FBI report, a Private Investigator report + phone call, and closing words on Zoe Quinn.

FTW Tonight! with John McAfee

I join the discussion at around 14 minutes in, and start asking more questions at 21:19. This video almost got expunged from the Internet so I’m archiving it.

Bacon Satellites

MDE SHOULD HIRE ME, Monkey sex tapes, Blaire White does an oopsie (for attention), Donald Trump is the King of Israel, and Lee cooks a Bacon Satellite.

Dim Glow

Remembering Terry Davis, Yaniv’s Death Threats, Reading Feminist Articles.


KF brought down by DDoS, E3 leaks and Jim Sterling complains about creepy stalkers, Yaniv gets arrested, Fredrick disavows 8chan, the entire Internet infrastructure disavows 8chan, Maddox thinks rape lists are the biggest problem in the universe.