Clown World, Quartz Clocks, Dog Bite Lawyers, and calls with martial arts experts who are going to get me drone struck.


Christchurch anti-extremism bill shot down by Trump, ProJared & James Charles, LumenDatabase DMCA Complaints, Carl “JUST” Benjamin, DSP, 4chan passes, and more.


Wohl’s continued embarrassment, Chantal goes McDonalds vegan, Curse of YHWH returns, School shootings and female-to-male incarceration, some bingo.

Jacob Wohl

Jacob Wohl is a prodigy eclipsing Mozart, but not in anything positive. I go over a young man’s brief career and then also make fun of Sargon, Brianna Wu and Subway in the Philippines.

Art Stream

A cursory glance into some recent happenings. No overarching theme, a lot of stories and meandering.


A living cartoon tries on a dress to disastrous effect.