Dick discovers Discover card, I discover my notes are bad mid-stream, Fredrick discovers his fursona.


Farmers rise up, Mountain Jews back at it again-again, women critique a room, and CHYNA.

Bibi’s Revenge

Xpert is tired of the “I am a Jew” thing, an LA Based Comedian tempts fate, a TX Based Lawyer tempts fate, some boomer cries about KF to Chris Hansen, and the master race gets subverted by a door.

Small Defiances

8chan is dead, a ghost of IRL livestreaming haunts my psyche, a game developer states a fact, and a man gets a inmate kippah.


Google wins a lawsuit, Israeli elections, Greta takes over the world, Trump gets peach’d, Alex Jones files a lawsuit, Scott Adams threatens to file a lawsuit, MundaneMatt is not the father, and I get a shoutout.


A week after the hack, /pol/ underestimates the Chinese, RMS is gone, Amberlynn eats a chicken, Virgo eats raw scallops

France, FBI, Forensics, and F

Sleeping Frogs, Maddox lets me down, TYT talks to Brianna Wu, Goku has choice words for Gohan, Verizon respects my webzone, Lowtax shouts us out, an FBI report, a Private Investigator report + phone call, and closing words on Zoe Quinn.