I usher in the New Decade by vaguely recalling some things that happened last year while desperately trying to avoid a sense of impending doom. A special thank you to my podcast frens for a fun 2019.

Car Crashes into Miracles

Colombian girls prefer dogs over cats, Chantal pops, DarkSydePhil saves YouTube again, cautious optimism for BitChute livestreaming, Boogie2488 finds God, and we mourn the passing of Simba Lion.

Winds of Change

Wishing it was Impeachment Day, I get my computer back, YouTube loses to the FTC and so does everyone else, “Literally Who?” is living out of spite, fake Onision emails, real Schizophrenic emails, and Jim wants to take Hotwheels to poundtown.


Dick discovers Discover card, I discover my notes are bad mid-stream, Fredrick discovers his fursona.


Farmers rise up, Mountain Jews back at it again-again, women critique a room, and CHYNA.

Bibi’s Revenge

Xpert is tired of the “I am a Jew” thing, an LA Based Comedian tempts fate, a TX Based Lawyer tempts fate, some boomer cries about KF to Chris Hansen, and the master race gets subverted by a door.