Bacon Satellites

MDE SHOULD HIRE ME, Monkey sex tapes, Blaire White does an oopsie (for attention), Donald Trump is the King of Israel, and Lee cooks a Bacon Satellite.

Dim Glow

Remembering Terry Davis, Yaniv’s Death Threats, Reading Feminist Articles.


KF brought down by DDoS, E3 leaks and Jim Sterling complains about creepy stalkers, Yaniv gets arrested, Fredrick disavows 8chan, the entire Internet infrastructure disavows 8chan, Maddox thinks rape lists are the biggest problem in the universe.


Back from vacation, but coming home a winner. Relaxing stream with Yaniv’s mainstream crucifixion, Liu leaves Mumkey, and some callers.


A sad week. Someone dies, Venom gets banned from Discord, and JY has xir day in court.


Datacenter woes, Amberlynn remains fat, Yaniv has a bad week, Rekieta gets doxxxxxed, sperging about Gab/WeSearchr.


YouTube’s Fatspeech Policy, Etika IS FUCKING DEAD, Eggholes, LGBTQQIA+ Assassins, /r/The_Donald Quarantined, and a long rant on Mumkey Jones.


New suggested legislation that is totally going to fix the Internet forever, Kiwi Farms banned from Brave, Joseph Cumia’s DMCA and the People’s Court, Eaglefucker’s DMCA, some cooking with Kay, and a lot of other weird garbage.


Download Audio | Watch on BitChute Max Landis gets #MeToo’d, Twitter accepts Zoophilia, an old dangerhair from Pakistan loses her shit at Brave, Jonathan Yaniv loses, an 8 page email, Your Dog Dick Sucks, and more. Intro: Hamtaro Intro Outro: BENE – Evil Spider Bonus: Rusty Cage – White Girls Fuck Dogs