A Conversation with Channing Creager

Channing Creager has been behind a 5-year campaign to have Sam Hyde labeled a pedophile, focusing on spreading image macros and rumors about him on 4chan and many smaller imageboards, as well as forums. After joining the Kiwi Farms, it was suggested we discuss the facts together to help inform listeners. Is Sam Hyde a predator, or is Channing Creager crazy?

A Conversation with Metokur

Metokur joins me for the first one-on-one conversation we’ve had. Discussion is equal parts reminiscing on the old Internet and combing over the ongoing problems.

A Conversation with Logan Day

Logan Day was the COO of Something Awful, LLC as a business partner of its owner, Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka, as well as being in a personal relationship with him. All of these things (including Lowtax’s ownership of SA) ended in June as a result of their very public and messy breakup.