Meandering thoughts on the presidential debate, the first cracks in the Troon-Pharmaceutical Complex, Dr. Disrespects a heckin valid sex worker, and a bizarre amount of Japanese.

Magna Scata

Price surges, Dr. Disrespecting a minor individual, a first look at ReviewTechUSA after his declaration of war, and Dankula gets divorced.

1 Year of Hamster

Junteemf shooting, Troon would do it again, Chris Tyson’s secret accounts, F1nn5ter’s smug, and Rekieta’s secret document.

Crouching Juju, Hidden Cow

Juneteenth eve, YouTube ads, more of Audrey Hale’s diary, mortal combat at AFPAC, Juju lore, Gator’s apology, Bossman’s new deal and big run-up, and Lipstick Alley readings.


I get banned from X and blow off some steam by going to a foreign country to acquire a Starlink, so now I can update the podcast feed. Dax Herrera’s producer Riley gets arrested for stalking, his mentally handicapped girlfriend needs help, and then Gator’s anime girlfriend does a tier list.

Rainbow Road

F1nn5ter and the Rainbow Road, 20 years since Killdozer, pedos and V, Alex Jones claims his government appointed Chief Bankruptcy Officer is trying to liquidate his company, Fatrick’s chairs are given away, and Gator visits an anime.