Shoe0nHead Notes

Something I’ve never posted before: my notes for a stream. I don’t know how many people, if anyone, would be interested in how I organize my thoughts for these.

In early streams I would actually use pen and paper – a holdover from when I had a job doing programming. I learned from my boss that using pen and paper helped organize thoughts more than typing because they use different parts of the brain. Not sure if that’s true, but my boss would insist that I write physical notes during meetings.

I kept a lot of those paper notes but I think I threw them out when I moved from Ukraine.

Sometimes I get off the notes and I have to remember to pull myself in. If I write too much I end up ignoring them, which sucks because I’ll usually include important details I struggle to remember on my own.

I’ll usually do a full day (wake up, start research, go to bed at midnight without stop) to go through everything I can find and put together my notes. June’s stream took 3 days and was probably the most involving research because of how long she’s been around. I’d have given myself more time but I set the stream date for her birthday.

I’ll usually have an idea of how I want to organize information during this time. If I think of something funny I’ll sometimes write it down. I try not to write everything possible down because I want to have more genuine reactions and rifting. I start organizing OBS the day of (wake up at around 9am, but with the June stream there was a lot of shit so I was REALLY pressed for time to get it set up in time).

Streams are a kind of taxing because it’s a 1-3 hour period where fans have to be off, you are talking almost constantly, and there’s very little time to make yourself comfortable. I try to hide pee breaks with videos. For instance, in the June stream, I actually got up during the BDSM talk video during a 2 minute segment to go to the bathroom.

And then after all that, I fuck with my mixer at the last second and my audio is clipping the entire fucking stream.

== Intro ==
 - [SoundCloud/Internet Tough Guys]
 - [INTRO.mp4]
 - Hard choice between that and [Alpha Bitch.mp4], but the latter is blotted from existence.
 - It's hard to talk about June because she's a 5/10.
   A lot of the audience of this stream is still inclined to simp.
   So, I need some industrial grade de-horny.
   [Horny Jail.mp4]
 - Venti tried to do a callout on Shoe, but she mostly pointed out that she's a hypocrite.
   Nobody cares. Her simps know she's a hypocrite.
   That's why you gotta him them with the
   [Nigger Lover.mp4]
 - Stream is on June's 30th birthday, a significant occurence to be explained.
 - Her videos:
   The most famous thing she does, but not most of the content for this stream.
   Her videos are mostly uninteresting pandering to men.
   [Shoe's every man a king.mp4]
   There's nothing wrong with what she's saying and she's been consistently pro-men for her entire life.
 - Her simps are lost men who need a mommy gf to fuck and take care of them.
   But that dependecy on woman is unattractive in general and to shoe especially.
   [Generation of Men Raised by Women.mp4]
 - She's single and 30,
   has only ever known the life of an e-celeb,
   and has surrounded herself with spineless men she doesn't even want.

== Early Life [OBS/Early Life] ==
 - June has FAS
   No, not really.
 - June claims to be an awkward teenager.
   If she was, it was when she looked like [Awkard June.png]
 - Father was a rockstar and stay-at-home dad.
   Mother is a typical overbearing snooping Italian lady.
 - Despite her claims, she was was a bully.
   [Ballad of Shoe.mkv] 3:35 until 5:32
   Shoutout to Venti, whose Ballad of Shoe is an archive of shit she's deleted.
 - [2010s/Draw My Life.mkv]
   2:09 until 2:32 Details her falling out with female friends
   2:39 until 3:29 Being bullied, stuck at home
   3:43 until 4:24 Basically, yea
   6:43 until 7:29 Depressed, isolated
   7:48 until 8:27 Keep that in mind. Happiest she's ever been.
 - She describes herself as a [Wallflower Goth.png]
 - So it's unclear why there's so many pictures of her with [Friends.png]
 - She says she's socially awkward, but didn't seem too shy [Awkward.jpg]
 - Is she lying to herself or to her audience?

== Early Internet ==
 - Her oldest accounts go back to 2008.
   She had an interest in film.
   June Smith / derrick and june's.webm
   Derrick in this is June's FtM friend who transitioned before 2008.
   This person is probably why June has always been pro-trans regardless of phase.
 - She tried doing various kinds of comedy around this time.
   The Jersey Shore aired 2009 through 2012.
   She went from 'goth wallflower' to Guidette Snookie June [changeling.ogg]
   She's from New York, but most of Jersey Shore was born outside of NJ, so we'll give it a pass.+
   [Nikki Lasagna.webm] (play about a minute)

== Early Changirl [OBS/Early Internet] ==
 - Exposed to 4chan by male friends.
   The embodiment of "The Cancer that is Killing /b/"
 - Fan of early Internet chan culture
   Her username shoe0nhead is a reference to a camgirl trolling meme. [FireFox:Shoe on head]
 - Around this time, Boxxy was dubbed the Queen of /b/ so naturally Shoe emulates her.
   People even made songs about her [Love and Trolls.webm]
 - Which is why she made a parody song in 2012 about Rule 30 (no girls on the Internet) posting tits.
   [SoundCloud/No Exceptions] 1:52 skip to 2:15
   "I'll never post tits" "Nope!" lol
   The main vocals are Faith, June's friend. Backing vocals are June. June wrote the lyrics.
 - She also did a freestyle about Boxy which I can only find remixed.
   [2010s/The Sphere] skip to :14, play until 1:25
   Now you see why the Lolcow Farm girls call her a skinwalker.
 - Boxxy went on to be a normal person, June is now June. 
   It's still her crowning achievement [Fake Shoeuwu.jpg]

=== Unichan ===
 - She was an attention whore on a small, early IB called Unichan.
   [Unichan Hoe.jpg]
 - Did normal attention whore stuff
   [Unichan Ass.gif] and [No Fap.jpg]
 - Unichan's admin was Ian and she sucked up to him to get favors.
   She confessed her love for him [Unichan Love Ian]
   (She wrote that at age 20.)
 - She actively shitposted in her own threads and argued with herself anonymously.
   Other mods confirmed this.
 - Ian apparently still runs Lolcow Farm and she is friends with him.
   [Lolcow Farm Ian]
 - In 2012, she went to Cancun with friends from Unichan.
   That's where the pictures of her with the fat guy are from.
   [Cancun Aftermath]
   The lowres nude leak comes from this.   
   It also has a picture of June holding a black penis.
=== The Black Penis ===
 Andrew Ameer, or Gmaster, was
 - her first serious boyfriend
 - [First Time.png] likely the person that took her virginity
   [Ameer Pictures]
 She broke up with him specifically because her audience hated him.
 This was the person she mentioned in her Draw My Life video as making her happy.
 Despite this being her first serious relationship, she
 - Never talks about him in any videos.
 - Has never mentioned him on her Twitter.
 Where is he now?
 - Dead. [Ameer Dead]
 - In September, 2020 to gun violence in St. Louis, Missouri.
 - Shoe made no comment about this.
 - I mentioned Andrew died on a livestream on February 5th, 2020
   and cited his GoFundMe for funeral expenses.
   [Ameer GoFundMe.png]
 - Two days later, a $300 donation from June La Porta was donated to the GoFundMe.
 - She has still never mentioned it.
 (Back to [Ameer Pictures])
 he knows, as well as we do, that her simps can forgive a lot of things.
 But not many of them can forgive Ameer.
 - Don't feel too bad, because he's a [Cat Killer.png]
== Warmup (OBS/Warmup) ==
 Armed with Cultural Enrichment, she's ready to become a right-wing commentatory.
 Before we get into that, lets talk about her personality.
 === Wig on Head ===
  - The Wig Story.
  [FireFox:Blogspot shoe0nhead] "The Humblebrag Movement"
  - We have NEVER seen her without her wig.
  - Every video, every photo is a $1000 to $3000 wig.
  - We've seen her butthole, but not her natural head.
  - The [Shoe without wig] picture from the nude leak is the only picture of her without a wig.
  - [Shoe with natural hair]. Has a hat on, and the hair is very thin.

 === Smol Bean ===
 - June has consistently, as far back as possible, described herself as 'smol'.
 - [80HD Reviews/dear peasants]
   0:00 until :10 teehee! so smol! (she's 24 or 25 in this)
   But wait!
   Skip to :30, play until :40 (PAUSE ON FOREHEAD, NO HAIR LOL)
 - She likes to point out she's smol.
   [Smol Bun.jpg]
   [Smol so smol.jpg]
 - She likes to make fun of fat women.
   [Smol fat 1.png]
   [Smol fat 2.png]
 - Her cringey obsession with being childlike is mostly something women like to make fun of her for
   but this is the funniest fucking picture to sum it up
   [Smol squat.jpg]
   shout out to the smoller bean for posting this
 === Bisexual??? ===
 - Despite never being sexually attracted to any woman ever
   Despite not being in a relationship with any woman ever
   She claims to be bisexual.
   [Bisexual June.png]
 - Obnoxiously so.
   [Hets Get Out.mp4]
 - Especially ironic considering she doesn't even seem to like tits.
   Even straight girls usually like tits.
   [s1;Vlog9; Mordor]
   1:12 until 2:08
   Big talk about udders considering she'd get a breast implant soon after.
 - She can't even see herself dating a woman [Bisexual no girls]
   but still considers herself LGBT.
 - She even runs fundraisers for the LGBT!
   [Bisexual Trevor 1]
   "suicide prevention"
   Lets get a closer look at that design
   [Bisexual Trevor 2]
 This needless attention whoring is the perfect segue into GamerGate.

 GamerGate allowed her to combine her GOTIS, anti-feminism pickmeism, and Boxxy-asthetic to e-celebdom.
 Important to remember that she has no beliefs except that women bad, men good.
 She was a failed YouTuber for almost 6 years before she found out how to hammer anti-feminism home.

 - [jolja/oppression quest]
   0:00 until 0:40 (histornic personality disorder quest, ironic)
   TL;DW: She was in a Google Hangout stream with Mundane Matt and a bunch of others.
   6:18 until "or did it?"
 - [jolja/gamergate & not your shield]
   Explain what Not Your Shield was.
   play obnoxious intro and compare with [FOAR 4DD1]
   June is 25 in this video, Boxxy was 17 at the oldest in hers
   4:39 until 5:35 [Shoe Blocked.jpg]
 - After Trump got elected, she begins to fall out of relevance.
   Despite a rise in income, her relative status decreases.
   She feels constricted in making videos. What she wants to do is not what appeals to the most people.
   Her desire to be populour eclipses everything else.

== Greg ==
 [Shoe and Gregg HQ+Joker]
 - Her relationship with Greg started in GamerGate.
 - They were introduced to one another by Sargon.
 - Greg did anti-SJW stuff but mostly wanted to avoid politics.
 - Being around June moved him towards politics, not the other way around.
 - Greg considers himself MENSA-tier intellectual.
 - He comes across creepy in his videos, especially with June.
 - The defining feature of June during this period is their gross, all-ecompassing BDSM shit.
 - At [DDLG], Die Antwoord on Brave and start it while saying OH NO
=== BDSM ===
 Lets learn more about the BDSM relationship from this video where June talks to a shockingly Jewish woman
 - Play intro until 1:20
 - 2:06 until 2:30 "they are wonderful"
 - 2:42 until 3:24 "you do you boo"
 - 5:58 until 6:33 vanillas reee
 - 6:57 until 7:40 vanillas!!! REEE
 - 8:01 until 9:48 mom/dad "wanted to die"
 - continue until 10:23 LDR
 - 10:45 until 11:53
 - play the god awful ad
 - 13:41 until 14:33 tl;dr she's a cuck
 - 14:50 until 15:36 babies
 - 18:55 until 19:36 obnoxious (point out at 19:35 she plays with her rolls)
 In OBS/Greg, just go down from the top and comment on each image.

=== Parents Q&A ===
 [My Parents Answer Your Questions]
 Gonna save you the TL;DR
 - Parents are very tolerant centrists.
 - Both parents approve of Greg.
 - Mom says she has always wanted to be the center of attention.
 - Dad knows what a trap is, Mom says they aren't gay.
 - Parents are very offline types and say June can't read a map without GPS navigation.
 - Parents claim she was socially isolated and did her own thing.
 - Mom says that she supports feminism as an equal rights concept but jokes that "now we have to work"
 - June would pick her nose and wipe her boogers on the wallpaper.
 - As a small child she pointed at a black woman and asked very loudly "what's wrong with that lady?"
 - When asked to pick a favorite child, mom says "Ollie is so much cleaner!"
 - Play 11:14 until end

== Evolving Relationship ==
 Greg is a coomer.
  - He watches porn while fucking June.
  - They stayed LDR for years despite having more than enough money to settle and immigration to CA/US.
  - Greg buys her a house on the NY side of the US-CA border so she's closer but not living with him.
  - So while she's in the cuck shed, he's thirsting for girldick.
 - [Healthy Relationship] Commentary

 - Despite this, they engage on New Years, 2018.
   This begins a decline of June's twitter followers. The dream is over, pack it in boys.
 - [Proposal] Commentary
 - By 2020, the relationship starts looking rocky.
   The Grug-June ship looks to have sailed.
   [End] Commentary

 - This is also when June starts streaming with Vaush and Destiny
   She flirts with Vaush while still in a relationship with Greg.
   There's political resistance to this with Sargon+Vee try to swing her back to their sphere.
   So, before moving on, lets look back at some drama that happened during the relationship.

== Politics ==
 - Reminder: June's only politics are "Women suck." That's it.
 - Every man a kang is the reflection of women suck.
 - Trans rights is great because they're women but men (based).
 - Aside from that, she doesn't care what people do, but doesn't want to see anyone hurt (maternal).
 - So she is "Socialist Libertarian" by default, not out of any actual philosophy.

 - Being a fence sitter is hard, because it naturally pisses off both sides.
   [N Word]

 Lauren Southern
 - Lauren Southern, June, and Greg were all friends.
   [Lauren 1]
 - Her fans started accusing Southern of being a Yahtzee.
   [Lauren 2]
 - Shoe does a public disavow.
   [Lauren Breakup]
   Some think it's because Gregg wanted to fuck her.
 - Lauren Response kindly
   [Lauren Response]
 - Shoe regrets it because she didn't gain anything from it
   [Lauren Regret]

 - Venti was a mutual friend of Lauren Southern and June.
 - To the point where June and Greg teased at a 3some or 4some with a tranny.
   [Venti 4some]
 - She sees this as pure political posturing and makes fun of June.
   [Venti Makes Fun]
 - Greg unfollows her, 4some cancelled
   [Venti 4some Cancelled]
 - Venti makes a video called the Ballad of a Small Bean
   The name is a reference to the Ballad of Mundane Matt.
 - This is copped talk from, so Venti definitely follows the June threads there.
 - June had be a fan of using Lolcow as a term until Venti pointed it out in the video.
   :40 to :55 [FireFox:from:shoe] tab
 - Since the Venti video, she used it only once.
 - The videos are 14 and 28 minutes long.
   A lot of Venti's criticisms is that June is a gross degenerate but more importantly a hypocrite.
   She's an obvious hypocrite, but nobody cares.
   As I said in the intro, her fans are only interested in the croomb.

== 2020 ==
 - Stream is on Shoe's birthday, but also
   the 1st anniversary of Greg breaking up with her.
 - June confirms it was a 'mutual falling out' with 'no drama'.
   The distance made things hard but also made them confront fundemental problems.
 - After the breakup:
   Armored Skeptic deleted all of the videos where they are together.
   June unlisted many of her videos with him.
   The Skeptic & June channel was renamed to 80HD Reviews and all videos were made private.
 - In leaked messages from Discord, shoe says she's tired of her old conservative friends.
   [FireFox:KF Thread]
   [FireFox:KF Thread]
 - However, even the left aren't particularly warm to Shoe.
   [2020/Destiny on Shoe]
 - Shoe supported Bernie but after he lost and cucked to Biden immediately again she felt betrayed.

== 2021 ==
 - June enters 2021 on shaky ground.
   She has just left a long-term relationship which defined her life and career.
   She is trying to appeal to an entirely new audience that is super progressive,
   while pretending to be a tradwife,
   while trying to look like an OnlyFans whore.

=== The Kingfisher ===
 - Shoe meets a guy named The Kingfisher on Nazbol Discord.
 - She includes the quote "Every Man a King" in her bio, which is a reference to Huey Long.
 - Huey Long also authored the book The Kingfish.
 - The Kingfish had a private account with 2 followers, 1 being June.
 - After r/Vaush had a meltdown over Vaush's associate with a woman chasing nazi benis, he unfollows her.
 - Kingfish attempts to clarify he's pro-family values but anti-fascist.
 - It is discovered that his selfies are all stolen from a gay, Swiss Instagram influencer.
 - Gay model JOINED THE FORUM to personally say that he definitely wasn't trying to fuck June.

=== Nude Leak ===
 - Looks something like this:
   [2021/Oo Ee Aa Aa.mp4]
 - Everything filtered to shit
 - Creepy pink onesies
 - Utterly trashed room
 - Sargon looks at stills on livestream and says she "looks like she needs an intervention"

=== Empty Egg Carton ===
 - Play NO EGGS.mp4 for a while
 - White Women voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020.
   [Trump Vote.png] and [Trump 2020 Vote.png]
 - In the 1800s, women married at 26 and had their first child at 28.
   When we say the age of first child is raising, we only look at post-WW2 boomer numbers.
   All charts you'll find showing age of first child start in the 1950s or 1970s at their lowest.
   It's brainwashing.
 - The white pill is: 
   White women are the women most likely to date exclusively in their own race.
   White women between 18-44 are most likely to report having between 0 and 1 partner per year.
   White women vote conservative, and white Gen Z girls are more conservative than their parents.
 - Stop fetishing mentally undeveloped little girls and asians.
   Date someone your own age and race.
   Only white women can make white children.
== Closing Statement ==
 - June's politics haven't really changed all that much.
   Only her associations.
 - She avoids change by not really having any principles at all.
 - She's not a greedy grifter exploting new markets for cash.
   She doesn't need it and she knows she doesn't need it.
   She just wants to be popular
 - Contrary to Sargon, I don't think she has changed at all.
   The opposite is true: June hasn't changed anything but her clothes and friends in over 10 years.
 - She peaked as a popular mean girl and has continued to find niches (like imageboards, politics)
   where she can continue to be a popular mean girl.
 - Her desire to become a tradwife with no rights is her avoiding responsibility.
   She doesn't realize that being a homemaker is a lot of work.
   She has never developed past being a child.
 - While it's not too late for her,
   it's unlikely Vaush or her simps are going to make her happy.
 - She needs to finally grow up and be a big girl instead of a smol bean.

== Outro ==
 - iTunes Subscriptions coming soon
 - Bonus content, whatever I think of doing
 - I was saving this song for a very special occasion.
   Scott Pigrim vs. The World Ruined an Entire Generation of Women