Brave New World

I’ve spent the entire weekend migrating over a year of my podcasts from the blog hosted by Dick Masterson on New Project 2 to a new, self-hosted site. If you didn’t know, New Project 2 was meant to be a crowdfunding alternative to Patreon. It was unceremoniously executed by MasterCard after the LLC was added to MATCH, MasterCard’s secretive, proprietary list of banned merchants who are not allowed to participate in the global economy and cannot accept money from anyone wanting to use their credit card or debit card.

So now that we’re on something that can’t be monetized and is hosted on my own hardware, lets talk about gay people and the end goals of the global elite. I invite you to watch this 40-minute-long video by Endeavour.

The Base and Structure of Woke Capital by Endeavour. Find him on YouTube and Twitter (for now), or on BitChute, Fediverse, and Telegram.

Endeavour explains very succinctly in this video what I understand to be the “New World Order” and what the powerful want: to solidify their power forever. To do this, they must tear down competing power structures and prevent any chance of competition.

Look at what banks and other multi-billion dollar companies and media enterprises are investing in.

  • Mass immigration and racial justice.
  • Female empowerment and birth control.
  • LGBT culture and progressive science.
  • Internationalism and cosmopolitanism.

These policies erode a country’s culture and reduce the value of labor. Most importantly, they undermine the nuclear family. The nuclear family is the most important component of western society, because without it there is no way to propagate language, race, tradition, and culture. These are the fundamental components of tribalism which make up the nation, which is the primary opponent to internationalism.

On the issue of labor: women drop the value of all labor down to half as the female workforce participation approaches 100%. For every per cent of foreign population introduced into the economy, the value of labor drops as much. If the working age population of a country is one million men, then a million women enter the work force, and an additional two-hundred thousand immigrants come in, an employer now has twenty-two candidates for a position that used to have ten. That employer can get away with paying a lot less for that position than he would have before. If the immigrants require a job to stay in the country, they can’t refuse any offer and the bar is lowered for all applicants.

It used to be possible for a single man working in a factory in the United States to earn enough money to support a family of four on his own property. After the rise of female workforce participation, the introduction of millions of foreign workers, and the off-shoring of American production, no longer can a working man support his family by himself. Home ownership and children have shifted to luxuries instead of the very foundation of a fulfilled life.

Jobs are also continuously moving towards metropolitan spaces like LA and NYC where space is a premium. Even with both partners in a marriage working, few can afford a third bedroom for a child while in the city. The alternative is quitting their jobs and moving into the suburbs, which is a life altering risk and often a ruinous point in marriages made with career women.

Foreign labor creates an answer to a problem that foreign labor causes. As the average American couple can no longer afford a family due to the devaluation of labor, the lack of reproduction leads to a lack of labor, and to fill the gaps countries increase immigration. These issues are cyclical and compounding.

Women are happiest as mothers, yet most western women would resent that statement. They have been told since childhood that what they need is a college degree, a job, and independent wealth. The desire to not become dependent on a man is an embedded fear in virtually all western women coming of age today. Birth control and abortion have made accidental families (and then the accidental discovery of the fulfillment of parenthood) a less likely occurrence. Abortion is increasingly upheld as a good and empowering thing, and a rite of passage in a new secular religion which is replacing old traditions.

We observe that the LGBT are gluttonous consumers. They are at the forefront of pop culture and demand representation in the things they consume, which is a major (but not the only) reason we see homosexuality as a part of all new American media. The transgenders in particular love consumerist escapism more than most people for obvious reasons. They opt-in to hormone therapies and excruciating cosmetic surgeries which put many on pain management and hormone prescriptions until they die.

Gays have an added benefit of being non-reproductive, except via adoption, which increases the likelihood the adopted child also becomes gay or otherwise indoctrinated into a lifestyle of non-reproduction. In high schools today, being queer is en vogue, and many teenagers now pretend to be gay just to be cool. The gay is the ideal outcome of the indoctrination that these children, and everybody else in the United States, is exposed to each day. Unable to reproduce, very willing to evangelize the gay lifestyle, hostile to the nuclear family, and easily satiated by materialism.

All this promotes internationalism. As foreign born populations grow and mix with the local populations, the culture changes and becomes alien to its own past. As progressive, secular faiths overtake religion, traditionalists lose power and arguments for a borderless society become more popular. Race dilutes naturally as miscegenation becomes norm. Language itself becomes malleable and freely edited by media and government via newly popular hate speech legislation and social media censorship.

As the peoples of many nations blend into a genetically indeterminate mass speaking an adulterated form of English from a committee approved dictionary, listening to the same American music and watching the same Hollywood movies, in support of the same social welfare systems and thinking along the same progressive lines, why would we even need to have countries? Why would we not just federate our nations into unions and delegate power to global committee?

From that point, the entire western world can consolidate into an oligarchy of bankers and media executives with puppet governments and strategically positioned upper class pawns representing various minority and majority interests without any real power. It will be impossible for the people to stand up to the establishment because they will have no unifying facets that make up the pillars of tribalism. The military/police will be a well-trained and well-paid group of equally diverse contractors capable of killing innocents on command to keep their twenty-year pensions. While the lack of tribalism impedes rights-seekers, it will empower this military class to commit atrocities. They will feel less empathy for enemies of the state they share no race or culture with, and who have been reduced from human beings to ideological radicals threatening the new world peace with their tired, old ideas.

I have no answers on preventing this. People over 40 especially are complacent in this change. The politically conscience of these older people are either former hippies who love this idea of internationalization and so-called world peace, or they are conservatives who believe in ‘melting pot’ American nationalism. These neocons ascribe the current crisis to the old ones: we are being invaded by Soviet-era communists, making it purely ideological. Or, they believe Islam alone is the problem, as they support Israel for the sake of ushering in the rapture and spreading democracy.

Trump in particular represents a pacifier. An ineffective politician, promoting civic nationalism, and one of the most ardent Zionists in American history (so much so, 8 of his 10 grandchildren as Jewish). As much as progressives complain about him, he represents no real problem to the status quo. The overreaction to Trump is merely an excuse to radicalize his opposition and pursue more aggressive censorship in the immediate future. Trump, in retrospect, might have accelerated this degradation through outrage more than Clinton ever could by trying to pass legislation and fighting within the parameters of the political system.

I’ve thought very hard on what should be done, and I am sure on only one thing: focusing on the macro trends of the world without power to change it is only effective in hurting yourself.

This is my plan for myself.

  • Focus on myself first, then a nuclear family, then everybody else.
  • Save money, and diversify into property, metals, and crypto.
  • Settle into a place outside of a city that I would die for.

I’m also considering “lip service to a religion”, but that might wait until I have kids. I don’t think I can pick up a god at this point. It’d be purely for the opportunities such fraternity provides children.

As for what I currently do, I will continue onward as long as it remains fun, and as long as it doesn’t negatively impact my plans.

Take it easy.